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Discover the Diverse Ministries Our Members Are Involved In

Education & Spiritual Life

We believe when we live in our questions and embrace new learning, we find new ways to live our faith as compassionate Christians in a changing world. Through a diverse range of small group opportunities, discussions, book groups, events, and lectures we come together as a curious community to reflect and learn together. We explore hard questions. We are encouraged to think and see the Bible as a rich and complex text inspired by the Holy Spirit but written by fallible humans. We see everyone on a unique path and welcome all to join no matter where they are in their journey.


Connect with your faith and share your love of music.  Join the Lamb of God Church choir and experience the joy of uplifting worship music! We take great pride in our choir's ability to deliver anthems and lead the congregation in hymns during our Sunday services. Our choir is a welcoming and supportive community that loves to sing together. Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or just starting out, we encourage you to join us and explore your passion for music and faith. 

Fellowship & Events

We believe that church should feel like home. A place where you feel known and supported. As a community, we work hard to connect with one another and find ways for people to deepen their relationships with one another. To say that there is a lot going on is an understatement! Whether you are looking to get involved in church life, outreach, or just fun, we have a calendar full of opportunities. We believe there is a place for you at Lamb of God Church!

Here are some of the fellowship events we organize:

Zoom Social Groups, Dominoes, Ladies Night Out, Gulf Shore Opera Performances, Concerts, Magic Shows & Dinners, Comedy Shows, Potluck and Soup Dinners, Book Studies, Documentary Screenings, Back to School Bash, Community Events, and more!

Children & Youth

We welcome children of all ages to join us in worship. We believe that children are a vital part of our community and that their presence enriches our worship experience.  We offer a variety of ways to help children engage with the message of the service that is meaningful and age-appropriate. We understand that children may need to move around and make noise during the service, and we welcome this as a natural expression of their energy and enthusiasm. A nursery for infants and toddlers is also available. Our goal is to create an inclusive community where families can grow in their faith together. Join us and discover a supportive and nurturing environment for your family's faith journey. 

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