Lamb of God Church strives to live out our mission to be Boldly Inclusive, Intentionally Challenging, and Joyfully Christian. We are a joint Lutheran and Episcopal congregation – one of the first in the nation in fact! – but our identity expands far beyond our denominational ties. Our congregation includes people of many religious backgrounds, as well as people who have never experienced church before. Our worship reflects the conviction that God is always calling us into something new. At Lamb of God, ALL people are welcome. Worship gathers us, fuels us, and turns us outward in loving service to our community. 

Lamb of God Church has a unique identity that began with the joining of Lamb of God Lutheran and St. Joseph’s Episcopal. Worshiping together in 2000, we became a fully federated congregation in 2004. We are the first Lutheran Episcopal congregation in the State of Florida, and only second in the nation. Together, we continue to build on our unique identity that welcomes diversity, engages faith critically, and radiates joy. 

We Strive To Live Our Mission Together